One of the services Dropwing can offer is expert classroom instruction on a variety of subjects. Our award-winning instructor talent can deliver targeted, effective training on-site or in a more traditional classroom setting. Lesson plans can be customized for a group or company's particular needs, or drawn from a large pool of training materials created and used by our own teachers.
Here are just a few of the topics we offer training on:
  • Perl Programming
    • Basic Perl (syntax, programming constructs, etc)
    • Advanced Perl (object oriented programming, regular expressions, etc)
    • Network/Internet Programming with Perl
    • Database Programming with Perl
  • Java
    • Basic Java (syntax, programming constructs, intro to Object Oriented Design, etc)
    • Advanced Java (creating Network-aware Java programs, advanced OO topics, etc)
    • Database Programming with Java/JDBC
    • Java Server Pages technology
    • Using Java Integrated Development environments (JBuilder, Netbeans, Eclipse, etc)
  • IBM AIX Unix
  • RedHat Linux
  • SCO Unix